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Our Attributes: What Makes Us Chemical Insights

  • Clear, focused research mission: Each new initiative we undertake, each new study we field, every council, and advisory group we convene must be vetted against our clear research mission before work begins.
  • Globally recognized leadership: Our scientific leader, Dr. Marilyn Black, also founded the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute to improve indoor air quality and reduce chemical exposure through its independent third-party certification programs.
  • Proven five-step process: To ensure our initiatives deliver meaningful insights, we follow a proven five-step process that includes (1) convening stakeholders to define the public health risks associated with evolving technologies; (2) conducting independent research on the health impact; (3) analyzing data to confirm key findings; (4) sharing discoveries with stakeholders and the general public; and (5) working to support the development of standards and best practices for the safer commercialization of evolving technologies.
  • Quality, accessible research: Despite the thoroughness and quality of our scientific research reports on pollutant exposures, including 3D printing, furniture flammability, global air pollution, chemical exposure and vaping, our findings are also accessible, understandable and actionable.
  • Specialized technology: Our analytical toxicology lab is a clean room with world-class chambers and measuring tools for studying human exposure to chemical and particle pollutants.
  • Transparent, trusted collaborations: We conduct our scientific research both independently and in collaboration with trusted research universities and leading experts, then transparently share this knowledge with scholars, public health advocates, and business leaders to establish standards and provide guidance on the safe development of products and emerging technologies.
  • Research applications to drive change: Because we don’t see research as the “end game,” we seek to effectively communicate and apply our research for the greater good – to make the world a safer, healthier place.