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Reducing Pollutant Exposures and Improving Human Health

There are more than 140,000 chemicals used to manufacture products that we use daily, and many of these chemicals have not been evaluated for their impact on human health. In addition, most people are exposed to a complex mixture of chemicals, and we do not understand how these mixtures may synergistically react with the human body. For example, the air within a home typically contains up to 500 different volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and common sources include our furnishings, cooking, personal care products, hobbies, and cleaners. Chemical Insights Research Institute is developing methodologies for characterizing this type of pollution and evaluating tools for assessing its potential toxicity and impact on human health.

To help inform consumers, Chemical Insights Research Institute provides a series of technical briefs on VOCs in the indoor environment. Read the following technical briefs to discover sources and health effects of commonly found air pollutants:

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