Keeping School Buildings Healthy: Challenges and Opportunities (60 min) - Chemical Insights


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The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges and pressures across many industries. School staff faced pressure to protect students, faculty, and others while adapting to guidance and recommendations that changed over the course of the pandemic. They’re now being presented with new opportunities, but also big challenges, including conflicting priorities, vague guidance, increased pressure, and many sales pitches.

The goal of this course is to present research-based science that provides clear recommendations and practical advice. Throughout the course, we’ll consider some of the questions school facility and staff may be getting and look at what the science says about how to respond.

This course will make the case for prioritizing indoor air quality (IAQ) in learning environments, review common sources of poor IAQ in schools, explore strategies for promoting healthy IAQ in schools, and wrap up with practical tips for successfully implementing these strategies. Join to hear Dr. Marilyn Black, a trusted IAQ expert, share her unique scientific knowledge and apply it to your practice right away.

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