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Identifying and Addressing Emerging Indoor Air Pollutants: School Health and Facilities Staff Collaborations


Date & Time: Apr 27, 2023 03:00 PM EST


As school systems continue to prioritize the health of students and staff, breaking down barriers between school departments is critical. School health and facilities departments may not often work closely together, but there are huge opportunities for collaboration to prevent and address health impacts related to school buildings.

The Center for Green Schools, the National Association of School Nurses, and Chemical Insights Research Institute of UL Research Institutes invite you to join our upcoming joint webinar highlighting opportunities for school health and facilities staff to collaborate in creating healthy learning spaces.

Dr. Marilyn Black, vice president and senior technical advisor for Underwriters Laboratories’ Chemical Insights Research Institute, will provide background on a variety of important school air pollutant sources and share new research. We will hear from Clayton Wetzel, school nurse at Waitsfield Elementary in Vermont, about how he works closely with his district’s facilities staff to prevent and address environmental health issues. Joni Rix, environmental program manager at Denver Public Schools, will share innovative partnerships the environmental health team has had with school health staff around outdoor air quality monitoring and school IAQ assessments involving health staff.

Attendees will leave with specific action steps per their professional role in preventing, reacting, and communicating about indoor air pollutants.

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