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Building air quality is important to the health and productivity of building occupants. As 3D printers become important tools in our offices, schools, libraries and other indoor environments, it is important to understand how they contribute to indoor pollution and how to manage this health risk. Chemical Insights completed a multi-year study with researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University on the particle and chemical emissions released by 3D printers and their health impact on indoor air quality (IAQ) during operation.

During the webinar, “Keep Your Buildings Healthy: Managing 3D Printer Emissions for Occupant Safety and Health,” Dr. Marilyn Black of Chemical Insights makes the case for:

• Prioritizing IAQ;
• Understanding what the research discovered about chemical and particle air emissions released from operating 3D printers and, most importantly;
• Focusing on what facility managers can do to mitigate the unintended human health risks associated with this exciting, innovative technology.

The webinar also explores common real-life scenarios in order to evaluate which mitigation strategy is most effective, practical, and safe. Listen to Dr. Black of Chemical Insights as she shares her unique scientific knowledge, and apply it to your practice right away.